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There are no shortcuts

Real Improvement means solving complex technical problems

Most of our training and on the job coaching is tailored and delivered on site by our consultants.  Twice a year, we run our Advanced Problem Solving Course in association with HCF CATCH at their training facility in North East Lincolnshire.  

Advanced problem solving training

Most competitors have access to the same equipment, raw materials, IT systems and improvement techniques. Your key differentiator is the skill of your people in solving these problems.

For 20 years, we have been training clients both in the classroom and on-the-job to recognise and respond to the chronic and repetitive failures that never get solved.

We have now extended our “Fault Tree Modelling” workshops from the classroom to offer advanced problem solving training in a real-life, full scale industrial training simulation, in collaboration with HCF CATCH in North East Lincolnshire.


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Join us for the real problem solving experience

Out on the plant, we have the opportunity to interact with plant personnel, a SCADA system and a real industrial process, which uses water to simulate chemical, pharmaceutical and certain FMCG processes, in a completely benign environment.

We have devised a series of case studies which introduce complex failures, which reduce plant output and raw material yield.

This is the same course we use to train our operations consultants.


As pioneered by the aviation industry, the benefit of the simulation over on-the-job training is that we can induce multiple overlaid failures. When things aren’t going to plan, we can stop the simulation, re-brief the team and then re-run the scenario.  This is a paradigm shift in the adult learning experience, in a risk free and enjoyable environment, without the day-to-day distractions of being in the place of work.

You can expect to learn about:

  • Making the complex understandable
  • Spotting patterns in telemetry and output data, so that causal links can be established
  • Direct, independent measurement of critical process parameters, to verify that the operators and computers are telling us the true facts


HCF Catch Program

Afternoon travel to Humberside for evening introduction and a meal at the hotel.

Classroom based introduction to pattern recognition and Fault Tree Modelling. Brief and introduction to the industrial simulator and CATCH staff.

Case study on the industrial simulator on Process Phase 1: Variation in Output. Introduction to case study simulation 2.

Case study on the industrial simulator on Process Phase 2: Variation in Yield.  Debrief, close and travel home.

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