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Covid FAQ

How is the Covid-19 pandemic affecting Chartwell?


During the Covid-19 pandemic we were fortunate to be able to put our operational improvement skills to use in many key industries.  We have been working with clients producing Covid test kits and intermediates for Covid drugs and continue to support our existing clients in the food and pharmaceutical industries.  Our Asian work and some projects were paused during the height of the pandemic but we were able to safely bring home and redeploy the staff.  We are proud that we did not have to furlough or lose any staff due to Covid-19 and have continued all of our onboarding and recruitment.


Self-isolation has made many organisations re-evaluate their internal constraints on remote working and methodology and Chartwell has taken this opportunity to investigate new methods of working, both internally within Chartwell and with clients.  We are using technology more to develop relations and promote collaborative working, even whilst being in different locations and it has led to greater cross-office interactions.  We also used some of the time to redirect consultant focus onto updating our trainings and methodology.

Consultant Travel

Project Travel: The safety of our consultants is our top priority and we continually update our policies based on government guidelines and local circumstances.  During the pandemic, some consultants have been travelling to sites where appropriate and others have been supporting client work remotely.  Travel arrangements and restrictions will always be discussed for each individual site to ensure compliance with government and our internal safety measures.

Internal Travel: We stopped all face to face meetings at the start of the pandemic but have continued to run all meetings remotely.  This is being reviewed continually to maintain the safety of our consultants and the culture of our company.


The Chartwell culture is very important to us and spending time with the diverse individuals is key to the company wellbeing.  This year, we have run online cross-office socials and a number of remote events including quizzes, new starter welcome events and even a Chartwell themed escape room!