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Diversity & Inclusion

At Chartwell, we owe our success to our bright, driven and open-minded people.

Chartwell is committed to fostering an inclusive culture with diversity of thought and backgrounds so that we can continue to break constraints and develop as a company. Simply put, we want to find the best people and empower them to deliver the largest possible impact for our world.

We want you to be different, because so are we.

Diversity & Inclusion are rooted in our core values and key to our success.



We believe that more diverse teams drive greater positive impact. Our ability to deliver great results is fuelled by driven and exceptional people, both within Chartwell and our client teams.


We take individual responsibility to lead by example in our commitment to inclusion, as role models in manufacturing.


We celebrate and aspire to champion diversity in manufacturing and consulting as we grow.


We actively work to improve diversity through our recruitment process, and inclusion in our employees and client teams.


We empathise and value the perspective of everyone we encounter and work with.


We value teamwork with our unique colleagues and client team members.


We base decisions on facts and objective metrics.


We encourage open, honest conversations around diversity and inclusion.


Our internal structures help everyone at Chartwell to continuously learn about diversity, embrace other experiences and increase our self awareness.


We commit to making Chartwell an inclusive place for everyone.


Why do you like working at Chartwell?

“In a word: the people. Not only is it incredibly rewarding to work side-by-side with some of the smartest individuals I have ever met, but I have also been in constant awe by the never-ending desire to learn displayed by even the brightest and seemingly most developed. All Chartwell consultants share this hunger to develop oneself, regardless of experience or seniority. The result is a nourishing and motivating environment in which I feel my personal development is cherished by all.”

Martijn Bokkerink (Senior Consultant joined in 2017)