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Who We Look For

Our clients have high expectations of Chartwell, and our people are selected to have a keen mind capable of uncovering hidden opportunity.

These are the qualities we look for in our consultants:


  • Have the right to work in either the UK, EU or the USA
  • Strong academic record ideally in a technical field of study
  • Be happy to spend Monday to Thursday away from home, most weeks
  • Be fluent in English, for the German office a working proficiency in German (B2 or above)


  • You are confident in your problem solving and analytical abilities
  • You have an inquisitive mind and are able to understand and explain complex processes in a simple way


  • You are a person practised in getting things done; the sort of person who is dedicated to their to-do list but still able to hit a balance between work and their hobbies
  • You are never happy with the status quo. It is part of your nature to challenge the way things are done, and you have the tenacity to actually go out and make a difference
  • You are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. You are not interested in waiting until tomorrow to get things done and are always looking for ways to achieve your goals faster
  • You are confident and can manage your own time without continuous direction and management


  • You enjoy working with and leading others, even when, at first, others may not want to work with you
  • You are persuasive and can encourage other people to get on board with your ideas
  • Achieving objectives on your own is great, but teaching other people and seeing them achieve their objectives is better