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Talia Pettigrew

What was your background before joining Chartwell?

I had quite a varied journey before joining Chartwell! I did my Bachelor of Science in Australia, then ran away to join the circus (the Science Circus that is – while studying for a Master of Science Communication). After spending a year playing with liquid nitrogen and fire (usually not at the same time), I then moved to Cambridge, UK to do my PhD in Chemistry.

From the first time the opportunity arose to go on exchange during my undergrad degree, I was driven to challenge myself by travelling to different places, away from everything familiar. Starting a new lifestyle and building relationships with the people I met has tested my character and has been hugely rewarding.

I’ve always loved science, and one of my favourite parts is working in a team to solve problems that are too complex for just one person to tackle. So when I first found out about Chartwell, I was thrilled!

What have been the biggest factors for your professional development since joining Chartwell?

The biggest factor that has influenced my professional development is the growth mindset that drives everyone within Chartwell, from the Partners to our newest graduate recruits.

We have a strong feedback culture and we take an active approach to seeking out the skills and training needs that will allow each person to develop at the fastest possible rate. Unlike some of my university peers, I don’t have to compete with others for promotion – I know that I am supported to progress at the pace that is right for me. And as it turns out, that pace is much faster than I would have expected before I joined Chartwell! I can also get involved in projects that drive Chartwell’s own growth and development, giving me a broader exposure to business processes that in turn help me to understand the needs of our clients more deeply.

What is a typical week for a Consultant?

In a typical week, I travel to the client site on a Monday morning, usually by train or a short flight. I review the overall project plan and set my weekly goals, supported by my line manager. Throughout the week I run daily meetings with the client team, do line studies and plant trials on the factory floor, and carry out analysis and problem solving to move the project forward towards the goal. Beyond that, my days are extremely varied as I might be clocking up 10,000 steps working with operators on the factory floor, running a training session about key methodology with senior management staff or having regular review meetings with top management.

In the evenings I like to go for a walk in the local area and see some of the sights before dinner with the other Chartwell team members.
On a Thursday afternoon I head back home to Berlin, and on Fridays I’m in the office with my Chartwell colleagues doing training, project present-backs or chatting through a tricky problem from site. Of course, Friday afternoon ends with a tall one at the nearest pub and an important review – of everyone’s fun weekend plans!