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Day To Day Support

Coaching from the best in the field:

Whether you are a new graduate, a more experienced hire or you have worked with Chartwell for years, you will always receive support from a more experienced colleague.  Every project is led by a partner who will work closely with you to give you the support and guidance you require, wherever you are in your career.

The reasons for this are simple: 

We want everyone to learn as quickly as possible

We understand that everybody has different strengths and weaknesses.  We provide individually tailored support to ensure that each Chartwell member quickly develops the skills they need to move to the next step of their career.

Feedback is not only for appraisals - it is a day to day necessity

We do not believe professional development can occur at the fastest possible rate when feedback is reserved for six monthly performance reviews or appraisals.  By having a close-knit working environment, we are able to provide constant feedback and guidance on work skills and behaviours.

Chartwell provides a framework to help you focus your personal development efforts and also to provide a basis for assessment and career progression.  However, this is not a list of hoops to jump through and progression is based on merit, rather than length of time in the company.

A snapshot of our framework is provided below:


Eg. Complex problem solving

Soft skills

Eg. Managing message reception

Consulting Skills

Eg. Ability to transfer skills and mindsets

Leadership skills

Eg. Tough on principles


Eg. Ability to deal with pressure