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Starting Out

Operations consultancy looks at delivering fast, breakthrough improvements in operations performance, principally in the manufacturing sector. At Chartwell, we help our clients to excel by gaining a deep technical understanding of their process.

What Will I be Doing As A Graduate?

After your initial training, you will be part of a small Chartwell team on a client site.  With guidance from the other Chartwell members, you will have responsibility for your own client team and help them to implement changes to boost the performance of the business within a few weeks.

Day-to-day, you could be guiding your team to the solution of a tough technical problem, analysing a process to uncover hidden potential or out on a production line getting a deeper understanding of what the real problems are.

By joining Chartwell now, you will also take a key role in the growth and development of our rapidly expanding business.

What Skills will i be using on a day to day basis?

Typically, you will be solving both technical and organisational problems that, until then, were considered to be “just part of the nature of the business”.

For example, at Medica (a pharmaceutical packaging company) curly board had been a problem for as long as anyone could remember.  Certain types of cardboard sheets developed ‘curl’ in storage, and this caused problems for virtually every process (see case study).  The consultant and the client team managed to eliminate the curly board problem by using a wide range of skills and following a scientific and methodical procedure.

As an example, these were the skills our consultant used in eliminating this problem: 

Analytical skills: Identified whether solving this problem would improve factory performance, and by how much

Technical problem solving: Performed in depth analysis to determine why the board curled

Practical testing: Proved that the theory was correct

Communication skills: Shared the results with the wider organisation to get buy in

Organisational and leadership skills: Implemented the new solution to get the improved factory performance