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Exchange best practice, learn new skills

We invest a great deal in developing our people at the fastest possible rate: our success is based on your success, after all.  We offer an intensive initial two week training period, including four days problem solving in a full scale factory simulation, after which, training is delivered both on the job and through weekly sessions to enhance your skills.  After your first three months, you can expect a further third week of off site training.

Chartwell hires the best possible people and we are all continually learning from each other.   Every client site is different, bringing new challenges and insights.  For this reason, we reserve Fridays for bringing everyone together as a team in London to exchange best practice, discuss new ideas and help each other out with difficult problems.

Within a couple of years, you will be working alongside CEOs and top level management as a peer, advising them on the key issues facing their business.


Every Friday is reserved for training.   The content of these training sessions is tailored to suit the specific needs of the consultants and associates and focuses on both core and soft skills.  Training sessions can be run by any member of the business from partners to associates.

Example training sessions include:

  • Leading Change - Partner led workshop using your own experiences
  • Advanced Problem Solving – Senior Consultant led case studies using real life examples
  • Fierce Conversations – Consultant led role plays for handling difficult conversations
  • “Spaghetti machine” - this is an example of a training session developed by an Associate, which she tested out on a Friday with other consultants before running it on site

Once a month, Chartwell has an ‘Office Friday’ where each project team gives a short presentation on the progress they’ve made on site.  Everyone gets a chance to show off their work, as well as developing presentation skills.