Case Studies

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Increasing Output: Energy Metering

"The critical improvements Chartwell delivered brought our planned deliveries back on track and prepared us for the unprecedented ramp in demand our customers have requested over the next five years." - Steve Cunningham, SVP Infrastructure Programmes EMEA


Energy Management – Landis+Gyr,  Smart Gas Metering

Support Level

3 consultants, 9 months


To assess potential and find ways to increase output and quality rapidly, without further capital expenditure.


  • Output was increased by 72%  
  • Unit scrap costs were more than halved
  • £3.4m of cost over-runs were recovered
  • Order backlog with existing customers was cleared

Why was Chartwell brought on board?

The UK leader in Smart Gas Metering required a four-fold increase in output over a 2 year period. The client had already improved significantly and had a capital plan in place, but this would still be insufficient to meet demand during 2016 and 2017.

Examples Of Project Work

What did you find when you arrived to assess the potential?

The site had 10 sub-processes, with multiple assets in each sub-process group.  Every sub-process required improvement.  The bottlenecks were also highly mix dependent.  Determining the specific sequence in which to improve the assets by deepening process understanding was critical to the plan.

What needed to be done to increase the speed of each sub-process?

The programme required the engagement of more than 500 people in a manually intensive process and several key suppliers, who were also capacity constrained.  We coached client teams to rapidly improve efficiency and material yield and put into place skills and systems to ensure that the teams could continue to improve after we left.

What did the teams practically focus on from day to day?

Local teams worked on cycle time, repetitive downtime, material “flow” and quality issues.  In particular, the cycle time at the bottleneck was reduced by 33%.  Combined with other improvement initiatives to decrease downtime, the output was increased by over 70%.