Case Studies

Keith Greasley

General Manager

We are in a much stronger position, we have enhanced the business, and have a very strong platform to build on.

What were your initial expectations before Chartwell came to site?

I was dubious, sceptical, I had seen it before. You always believe you can do it on your own, and we had carried out some really good work. Soon after Chartwell came on site it was clear that there were still further opportunities that had not been realised. It's the pace of change that has really impressed me. Chartwell were on it, very disciplined, very driven and very much results focused.

Keith has always been very engaged with the staff at Medica and he's been keen to get onto a team. Its fantastic for him because he gets to see how people really want to improve, see the ideas that they are coming up with and the hard work they have put in to change and carry on the improvements. Jonathan Lloyd, Continuous Improvement Facilitator

" Jonathan Lloyd, Continuous Improvement Facilitator
As General Manager, what has been your personal highlight from getting involved directly with the project teams?

I think getting involved first hand with guys in the warehouse improvement process, that's a project I have really enjoyed. You get to know people even better and realise the more people we get involved in the wider process the better the process improvement. When you've got a day job you can't focus as much on developing your people such as Jonathan Lloyd [seconded to a full time Continuous Improvement Facilitator from being a Shift Manager] and Arek [accepted for training as a Gluing Operator having worked as a Gluing Assistant] – having someone come in who can give them time, you see the impact that has on them, it's been excellent.

The results achieved by the teams whilst Chartwell were on site were outstanding – have they been maintained since they left?

Everybody is becoming more structured: far more analysis is carried out to really understand the opportunities we have. We launched the raw materials team straight after Chartwell left. It was started from scratch by Jonathan, (newly appointed Continuous Improvement Facilitator), it has been facilitated by Jonathan and it has had a huge impact in the area almost immediately. We are now discussing the next stage of the improvement process and in particular the front end of the business.