Case Studies

Mark Wilson

Shift Manager

We are more professional in how we do things: in collecting data, and in how we roll it out to people. Looking ahead we have the tools and the mentality that no matter what area we are in, we are looking for ways of improving.

How did Chartwell and the Growth Through Excellence program differ from previous continuous improvement programs you have participated in?

The previous LEAN methodology training we had was more of a theory exercise. With Chartwell, on day one we were actually on the shop floor, doing line studies. Because we saw such positive results instantly it gave us the confidence and ambition to proceed.

The cutting team were extremely successful and achieved a 35% increase in efficiency – how did you do it?

To give an example, we had downtime because of feeder stops [pneumatic suckers to feed cardboard sheet to the cutting die]. Previously, we might have said "well, let's replace the suckers". With Growth Through Excellence we looked at the problem so much more deeply, with various reasons for feeder stops, like curly board or knock-up from print. We looked at all these things to make every job better, quicker and easier.

Have you seen any other benefits from the improvement projects?

It has been a really excellent way to get people from all areas of the business to work together.

Getting involved in a real team environment first hand with guys in the warehouse, I think that's been the thing that I have most enjoyed. You get to know people and realise even more people have got even more to add to the process." Keith Greasley, General Manager