Case Studies

Andy Redfern

Chartwell Partner

For me, the achievement comes from seeing that constraints and obstacles are now being viewed as solvable problems, to be knocked off in a logical order - Medica know as a certainty they will deliver a similar level of improvement again.

What were your first impressions of Medica, and what they could achieve?

When Medica invited me in to look at their operation, I found a business which had been well invested with good equipment, a very capable management team and a motivated, positive workforce. The company was already engaged in a LEAN implementation process and could point to improving trends on key metrics. The General Manager, rightly, questioned what more I could bring to this company.

I was dubious, sceptical, had seen it before. I have been involved with different improvement consultants, with varying results; This process has been by far the most successful I have seen. Keith Greasley, General Manager

In the first week we showed a credible plan to deliver a 35% increase in efficiency across the key operations and a 15% loss in raw materials not visible in the existing management reporting systems.

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Medica was a business already in great shape with respect to the high standards of its industry – how did you help them achieve so much more?

The improvements come from many, prioritised, well thought through incremental changes to working practice and technical process changes. The client's team gained the results by eliminating problems that had previously been accepted as the norm for their industry.

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What do you believe is the key capability that Chartwell brings that can turn a good business into a great one?

It's the speed of improvement that has really impressed me. After the first week's training I came to see Jenny and Andy, and they were knackered - that to me was a good sign! Keith Greasley, General Manager