Case Studies

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New Product Development

Research and development by its very nature is bound by a high level of commercial confidentiality.


Research and Development for a global chemical business


Help the client achieve a new threshold in the lead time from laboratory concept to viable product ready for commercial launch.


“Excellent progress was made in a very short space of time” - R&D Director

Why was chartwell brought on board?

“The work involved a focussed study on a complex project, exploring various technology options and selecting which to progress.  The input from the Chartwell team was invaluable and a very significant contributing factor to the progress made.” - R&D Director

Results of the project

  • New products developed at an unprecedented speed
  • Better and deeper understanding of the science
  • Improved efficiency from high value resources

Fast Track Process - The Decision Cycle


The Fast Track process delivers the following:

  • Engagement from all departments and a common goal
  • Commercially urgent project management
  • A process to continually compress and improve the decision cycle
  • More learning, more options, better understanding and faster results