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Opportunity Scan: Almonds Processing

Identification of Zero Loss Opportunities worth $61.5M within a two weeks scan


Food and beverage – Almond Processor


Find cost saving opportunities worth over $10M

Results of the 2-week scan

$61.5M of zero loss opportunities were identified in the three areas

  • Raw material usage optimization
  • Minimize lower value by-product production
  • Finished goods moisture optimization

Almonds Processing Flow 

Almond Processing


Based on this initial two-week assessment, targeted project workstreams can be launched to implement the required improvements and achieve the client’s goal.

Why was Chartwell brought on board?

In order to meet global demand for almonds with product from North American growers and to meet their $10M annual margin enhancement targets over the coming years, Chartwell was brought on board to identify high value work streams.

Insight: Raw Material Usage Opportunities

Value: $34M identified in strategic changes to usage of raw materials


  • Market elasticity needs to be tested to assess production volume changes
  • Multiple models were created to assess various possible market constraints
  • Models are versatile and easily adaptable to new or different constraints
  • Product swings between families and classes of products were identified

Insight: By-product Opportuntities

Value: $22.6M identified as value lost to by-products where nearly half of this value is concentrated in the top 10 produced products


  • Further revenue analysis on a selection of product streams has validated the initial reductions
  • There are multiple streams through which value can be recovered
  • Teams could be launched to reduce the amount of material that is downgraded into each by-product stream

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