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Cost Reduction

Chartwell has extensive experience reducing costs associated with labour, materials, working capital and utilities

Reducing costs can be a significant driver of profitability and overall business health.

During an initial Opportunity Scan, Chartwell's Zero-Loss approach works to show the full magnitude of potential cost-reduction opportunities. These are often revealed to be significantly larger than expected. 

In the launch phase, our consultants work with our clients’ teams to recover the value revealed during the scan. The causes of the largest losses are systematically targeted and actions implemented to reduce or eliminate them.

Previous Chartwell projects have targeted:

  • Reducing materials costs (waste cost reductions of 20-40% are typical)
  • Reducing labour costs (efficiency improvements of 10-20% are typical) 
  • Reducing working capital
  • Reducing utilities costs

All our work is covered by our no-result, no-fee guarantee

Case Studies: