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Customer Service Improvement

Poor OTIF performance and excessive lead times can become critical issues in many businesses - Chartwell have significant experience improving S&OP and manufacturing performance to drive up customer satisfaction

For some businesses, improving OTIF performance is a relatively simple fix. In these cases, increasing production capacity may be sufficient to achieve lead times that meet or exceed customer expectations. However, it is more often the case that a detailed review of S&OP processes and cross-department communication is required to understand the root cause of OTIF dips and other customer complaints. 

Chartwell have worked with teams across many different industries including FMCG, Industrial Products, Chemicals and Phamaceuticals to build the right set of tools and processes that match production performance with supply chain delivery and sales promises. 

Typical timescales for OTIF improvement projects are 3-6 months, while the duration of an average S&OP project is 6-12 months due to the longer timelines associated with seeing the impact of changes implemented in this domain.

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Case Studies: