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Yield Improvement

Yield improvement and waste reduction are at the core of building a highly profitable, environmentally sustainable manufacturing business, and are a key part of Chartwell's offering

Waste reduction and yield improvement projects come with a unique set of challenges: waste levels are typically poorly measured and underreported, the problems that cause waste constitute a tricky mix of technical and behavioural, and the issues have often been around for so long that they are now considered "part of the process". 

Using our Zero-Loss approach, our teams are able to quickly and accurately uncover the full extent of material losses in our clients' processes. This allows causes of loss to be prioritised and solved, regardless of how intractable they may seem. 

Overcoming technical barriers and behavioural constraints are crucial skills for Chartwell consultants. Our teams are specialists at breaking such constraints, and are experts at setting up the structures that prevent these problems reoccurring. 

We have a wide range of experience improving yield and reducing waste for companies manufacturing products as diverse as mozzarella, medical implants, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). 

All our work is covered by our no-result, no-fee guarantee

Case Studies: