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Support Services: Technical Training

"The opportuinities for course compression will reduce our customer's training burden and save them money." - Training Director


Support Services – Technical Training


Identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of training delivery to enable better training outcomes with more efficient delegate and trainer days.


Studies mapped out opportunities to compress delegate days by up to 35 %, and trainer days by up to 40 %.


Why was chartwell brought on board?

A large public-sector training organisation had just outsourced their training operations to a leading support services company.  Both sides were looking for ways to re-design the training delivery model to save both delegate time and cost of delivery.

Project Work

The complex portfolio of training courses and delivery facilities was assessed in detail to understand and quantify the opportunities for savings. The types of changes considered included re-designing, packaging, and pairing courses, as well as conversion to computer-based training.

The top 40 courses made up over 85 % of all training hours, which meant we could take a highly prioritised approach to the compression analysis.

Results of the Project

Our client was able to deliver significant improvements to operational efficiency and generate significant savings for their customer.