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I'm originally from outside the EU - can you help me get a work permit?

We are sorry, but we cannot help in this circumstance.  You need the right to work in the UK, EU and Switzerland before you apply.

Where do I need to be based to apply for this job?

The nature of the job requires commuting Monday to Thursday to the client site, and you will stay in a hotel during this time.  Consequently, your location at the weekend can be flexible, so long as you may easily get to a large airport or train station to get to site.  Being within commuting distance of our offices will make life easier when not on site.

I think this job sounds right for me, but I would like to talk to someone before putting in an application. Is this possible?

Absolutely, please contact Andy Redfern ( for enquiries regarding the UK office, and Ewald van Ravenswaay ( for enquiries regarding the Swiss or German offices, and we will be in touch to arrange a call. 

Do you offer internships?

We do not currently offer internships.

I'm a graduate - what is the initial training period?

Most of your learning will be on the job, but we start with one week of intensive training in our basic methodology, followed by a second week at CATCH.  CATCH is an absolutely excellent training opportunity, where we spend a week in a fully functional chemical plant used for training purposes, and work in teams to solve some complex technical problems in a full, real life factory simulation.

The German office has only recently opened - are you hiring?

Yes, the German office is open for applications.

I cannot make the Oxford test evening, what should I do?

Please send us your CV and cover letter, mention your situation and we will make arrangements for you to sit the test another time.

Do I need to have studied at Oxbridge to apply?

Not at all - we welcome applications from any university so long as you are in your final year of a technical degree.  If you are applying to join the London office we will arrange for you to attend the assessment centres at either the Oxford or Cambridge venues.