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Which offices are currently hiring and when would I start?

All four offices are open for applications - London, Berlin, Boston and Zurich.

Associates usually join in two intakes every year, either in September or February, and applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

To join the London, Berlin or Zurich Office, you need the right to work in the UK, EU and Switzerland.

To join either Berlin or Zurich, you must also speak both English and German

To join the Boston Office, you need the right to work in the US.


I'm originally from outside the EU or the US - can you help me get a work permit?

We are sorry, but we cannot help in this circumstance.  You need the right to work in the UK, EU and Switzerland or the US before you apply.

Where do I need to be based to apply for this job?

The nature of the job requires commuting Monday to Thursday to the client site, and you will stay in a hotel during this time.  Consequently, your location at the weekend can be flexible, so long as you may easily get to a large airport or train station to get to site.  Being within commuting distance of our offices will make life easier when not on site.

When I am applying, what information do I need to submit?

Please see How To Apply.

In brief:

Please email your CV and enquiries to the relevant office and answer the following questions in your application email:

  • What office (or offices) are you applying for?
  • Do you have the permanent right to work in the UK/EU or America?
  • When would you be available for starting work?

If you are applying as an Experienced Hire, we do ask that you also submit a Cover Letter.

Do you offer internships?

Unfortunately, due to the urgent and confidential nature of our client work, we are unable to offer internships.

What is the training programme at Chartwell?

When you join us, you will have two weeks of initial training – one week to learn our core methodology and another at CATCH.

CATCH is a uniquely brilliant training opportunity, in which Chartwell takes over a fully functional chemical plant.  The plant was purpose-built by a group of UK industrial companies to train employees in a real production environement without affecting their ongoing operations.  You will spend a week on-site and work in teams to solve some complex technical problems in a full, real life factory simulation.

After the  first two weeks, you will receive regular training in the office throughout your career, as well as plenty of on the job coaching and development.

How many people is Chartwell looking to hire?

At Chartwell, we want to ensure everyone develops at the fastest possible rate.  Our growth targets are based on ensuring all consultants will have the opportunity to be on projects and receive the required support from their managers.  

How much opportunity is there to travel?

From all of our European offices, you will have the chance to work all over Europe and sometimes even further afield such as Canada and China.  

Our Boston office typically has projects anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Whichever office you are based in, you will usually travel to the client site on a Monday and be home on a Thursday evening.

What is the social culture like at Chartwell?

Chartwell has an enthusiastic ‘Minister of Fun’ who organises frequent events such as white water rafting, archery tag, rally driving and escape rooms. If you get an offer with us, you will be invited to one of our office days to meet the team and get involved in a fun event.

In addition to the ‘organised fun’ we tend to be a fairly sociable group so there will normally be a number of people in our team who will head for a drink or dinner on a Friday evening after work.

How much responsibility will I be given?

Typically, we have a team of 3-5 consultants on site.  You will be given your own client team (which vary in size, dependent on the project) right from the start and be achieving your own great results in no time which makes the job incredibly rewarding.

Is there someone I can speak with, to find out more about Chartwell?

Of course! You are welcome to contact Jenny Overton about any enquiries or applications for any of Chartwell's offices. We will then arrange for someone to give you a call.