Case Studies

Arek Wojtowicz

Gluing Assistant Operator

My wife knows everything about the project - she could probably come and help us out! I really enjoy speaking with friends outside work about it because I am very proud of it.

What were your initial thoughts when Chartwell first came on site?

Some people chatted about it and said we can't do better, but I could see GTE was more important than standing on the line. I was also really happy that I was given the opportunity to join in with it.

What was your team's biggest achievement?

The Easy-Pack - it was a great idea but some people were still dubious about it. They needed someone who wasn't scared to show them how good it was. A number of other operators came over when I ran the Easy-Pack 50% faster than we had ever run this job in the past.

"He's been instrumental in the gluing team – for the Easy-Pack, he was involved directly in helping set up the trial with several conversations with our manufacturer. We couldn't ask for a more enthusiastic person, he will certainly develop here." Tim Standing, Production Manager
You had to work closely in the team with both senior operators and members of management – how did you find that?

I like working with people from all levels. Previously we could talk about something, and say 'that's what we'd like to do', but telling people isn't going to work. We've had the opportunity to show and convince people of what we would like to do.

When I started working closely with Tim [Production Manager] it proved to me he was a really good and funny guy. I've got a lot of respect for him. The favourite thing I've learned is that I can come to work, work hard, people see you work hard and give you an opportunity to do better and better.