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Advanced Industrial Problem Solving Training Course

2 minutes read · 8th Mai 2024

The real problem solving experience for manufacturers.

Advanced Industrial Problem Solving Training Course

Course Synopsis

This course is intended to provide advanced industrial problem solving training to people responsible for solving complex issues to root cause. It is an intensive three day practical simulation in a residential environment, with like-minded individuals who wish to take the next step to enhance their skills. The course is designed to be challenging and fun. After the course, many of our attendees return to site and are able to solve long-standing unresolved constraints, without our on-site support.

We start out in the classroom on day 1 with theory and move quickly in day 2 and 3 to the simulator. Out on the plant, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with plant personnel, a SCADA system and a real plant, which uses water to simulate chemical, pharmaceutical and certain FMCG processes, in a completely benign environment.

We have devised a series of case studies to find the root cause of complex failures, which reduce both plant output and raw material yield.
The objective is to give those running, maintaining and improving processes a more profound learning experience, that shows more clearly the importance of:

  • Making complex processes more understandable
  • Spotting patterns in telemetry and output data, so that causal links can be established
  • Interaction as a team with others and the power of communication, questions and listening – this is not as easy as it sounds!
  • Direct, independent measurement of critical process parameters, to verify that the operators and computers are telling us the true facts

The course was one of the best I have ever attended, the professionalism of the environment and team was second to none. Thank you

Emma Stephenson Asset Manager, BASF


Monday 16th September – Thursday 19th September 2024


HCF CATCH, Redwood Park Estate, Stallingborough, North East, Lincolnshire, DN41 8TH, UK

Nearest airport – Humberside
Nearest railway station – Grimsby



Afternoon travel to North East Lincolnshire for evening introduction and a meal at the hotel


Classroom based introduction to pattern recognition and Fault Tree Modelling

Brief and introduction to the industrial simulator and CATCH staff


Case study on the industrial simulator on process phase 1: variation in output

Introduction to case study simulation 2


Case study on the industrial simulator on process phase 2: variation in yield

Debrief, close and travel home

Contact us for additional course information and to book.